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2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E E:2 Frunk and Thermal System Thermal System Nightmare

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Interesting teardown of the 2021 Ford Mustang Mach-E E:2 Frunk and Thermal System.


The Mach-E looks like a Mazda.

The questionable build quality and half baked engineering is a given with the big 3. What I'm confused about is how this thing was conceived. Who is this car is supposed to appeal to and why is it called a Mustang? Like if you're gonna build an electric Mustang the obvious thing to do in the spirit of the product line is to just cram as much motor as you can into a stripped down production or minimally altered Mustang chassis and be done with it. Just needs to be fast enough to piss off insurance companies and go through a lot of rear tires, cheap, and loud, not some focus group driven gizmo laden knockoff Tesla crossover thing.

Ford is trying to squeeze as much profit out of the Mustang name.  I think just the Mustang name sells this car.


Ford has abused the Mustang name in the past, with several really pathetic models bearing the name.  They have had a good run since about 2005 with the "retro" Mustang, so I guess it's about time to destroy the marque again for a while!  :D


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