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Who knows the true reason why. Their explanation of why I cant buy my very own 5G Bioshield is of course complete and utter :bullshit:. Did someone track these con artists down and provide them some contact counselling, free of charge? More like the authorities caught up with them. The two slimy characters behind the 5G Bioshield are named: Anna Grochowalska and Valerio Laghezza.

Here is a bloke who actually bought one. Unfortunately giving any money to con artists only encourages them to continue ripping money off gullible people

"Bioshield" is an anagram of "Bullsh*t" (if you filter out some of the original letters and replace them with different ones).

Rather like pi=3 (for small values of pi and large values of 3).

He has some serious YouTube reach, so this "investment" might help to stop lots of people from buying this #### (censored by me).
Btw. he just created a very supportive "right-to-repair"-video, which works pretty much against his sponsors, which I find honorable.
(PS: I find him to be one of the very few non-annoying YouTube reviewers...)


--- Quote ---GROCHOWALSKA, Anna

Correspondence address
Unit 5, Drakes Courtyard, 291 Kilburn High Road, London, England, NW6 7JR

Role ACTIVE    Director       Date of birth   May 1976      Appointed on   20 January 2020
Nationality  Polish       Country of residence   England      Occupation Director
--- End quote ---

No financial reports:

--- Quote ---LAGHEZZA, Valerio
Correspondence address
Unit 5, Drakes Courtyard, 291 Kilburn High Road, London, England, NW6 7JR

Role RESIGNED  Director     Date of birth     October 1972
Appointed on     20 January 2020     Resigned on   22 May 2020
Nationality     Italian     Country of residence
United Kingdom   Occupation   Company Director
--- End quote ---

I find it a bit strange how to different foriegn people are running it, one from Italy and other from Poland.

What I find interesting, LAGHEZZA, Valerio resigned and is running other companies but the remaining director is also registered as a director one of them but without a middle name (registered again) running one of them same people running a pharmaceutical company.


Company number 11064569
Incorporated on 15 November 2017
Registered office address
160 Kemp House, City Road, London, England, EC1V 2NX
Company status
Active — Active proposal to strike off
Company type
Private limited Company

Nature of business (SIC)
46460 - Wholesale of pharmaceutical goods
47290 - Other retail sale of food in specialised stores
--- End quote ---

It looks like it is also £21,000 in debt.

--- Quote --- Ms Anna Krystyna Grochowalska Polish • Director • Born in May 1976 ACTIVE
Ms Anna Krystyna Grochowalska Secretary ACTIVE
Mr Wolfgang Knorr German • Director • Born in Apr 1965 ACTIVE
Mr Valerio Laghezza Italian • Director • Management Consultant • Born in Oct
--- End quote ---

I wonder if that is that man from the video's on their main website he sounds German to me.

They seem to run many companies in he UK with other foreigners and quite a few unreported financials and some in debt.

KINGDOM BROKING LTD Company number 11461114

BLUGARA & PARTNERS LTD Company number 12049384

MAYARO LIMITED Company number 11689101  (£15,000 in debt)

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BioShield Distribution Ltd. encourages you to make your own decisions *based upon your research and or in partnership with qualified professionals. (Bet that would be their IMMORTALIS DISTRIBUTION LTD pharmaceutical goods company) 

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Contact: Contact can be made by emailing to: hello (at) or mailing to:

BioShield Distribution Ltd.
Unit 5 Drakes Courtyard
291 Kilburn High Road
London, England, NW6 7JR[/quote]

** Valerio LAGHEZZA, a consultant in many other companies set it up but as a director

Found this:
Page 1:

Page 14:

Just emailed them to confirm whether she did do this study.

What I find unusual is that they seem French but has a Chinese domain.

Dr Nathalie Calame

--- Quote ---Dr. Calame Nathalie
General Practitioner


Recommendations of Doctor Calame in the face of COVID-19

Video of Doctor Nathalie Calame to act in prevention against COVID-19

Consultation at the Prevention and Health Center
Go to 032 843 36 30 or directly to the doctors' secretariat

Recognition by health insurers Basic fund (Lamal) Additional funds for homeopathic services

Main training
Education and university studies in Lausanne, then training courses at the Women's Dispensary in Geneva, then in Neuchâtel hospitals.
Federal diploma in medicine in 1982
Examination in bioenergetics at AIBE (SFERE) in 1984
Diploma in homeopathy in 1983 with AFC in 1999
Several other training courses without obtaining a specific diploma Treatment

technique practiced

General medicine open to various complementary medicines, in particular homeopathy, phytotherapy, MORA Bioresonance, Nutritional Immunology, Naturopathy, Naturopathic Gynecology.
Interest in environmental medicine, which I practice on my own, and especially for the nuisances linked to heavy metals, pollution of food and water, and electromagnetic disturbances.
I keep abreast of vaccine issues because I am a Vaccinosceptic!
I practice Percutaneous Hydrotomy according to the method of Dr. Guez in collaboration with my nurse, Diana Barros.
I also practice intravenous chelotherapy, to detoxify heavy metals.
I offer access to a Jaquier Bol air device, a Beemer mattress, and a Body Detox foot bath.

In 1987, installation within the framework of the Prevention and Health Center, and birth of my daughter Héloïse.
Progressive constitution of the group of therapists, and various collaborative networks in energy, homeopathic, traditional and innovative medicines.
My interest has always focused on Health rather than disease, as well as all the ways that restore this state of Health.
--- End quote ---

It is looking to me with the above that the report is likely fake, the scammers took the reports from somewhere and put it together, as I'd think she'd be working on better things.

Next week I'll be looking forward to a reply to see if the report "double blind study" is true or not.


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