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7 segment Nixie tube clock.

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All I could think was "no. just.... no!" when I found this in a local store. Karlsson actually makes quite nice (analogue) clocks but they should best stick to that, I guess.
(As you would expect, the LEDs were multiplexed so that looks a bit weird on the picture)


The good NixieTM tubes had a cathode for each numeral, carefully stacked to minimize interference with each other, in a neon-filled glass envelope.
The trademark belongs to Burroughs, who later merged with Sperry to form Unisys.

Well, I don't really like the looks of it either with those LED displays, but to each their own.
Certainly it's cheaper to make than using Nixie tubes, and probably more durable as well.

Ah these must be the LED tubes they talk about in AliExpress ads.  :-DD


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