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858D hot air station is DANGEROUS!

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My first hot air station was a cheapy chinesium one it was called an 8858, which has gotta be related. But it got stuck on the heat and it overheated and caught fire so i threw the whole thing out and got a more normal heat gun from the hardware store.

I had mine apart and checked that the fuse was on the hot side, and it was there. But I never thought about the chassis grounding, for circuit breaker protection. I'm pretty sure all the metal was painted white.

Next year I'll probably get a proper HA station.


--- Quote from: exit_failure on July 08, 2022, 11:15:01 am ---The next thing that I found out is that one of the pins of the connector for the hot air gun is live as soon as you flip the toggle switch and the another will become live if a MOSFET is switched on at the wrong time.
--- End quote ---
For the cheap 858D copys buy one without the connector if you can. I suggest looking for one that just has the cable entering though a strain relief grommet.
In your photo the three terminal semiconductor is marked BTA12 which is the part number of a 600V 12A TRIAC. Which makes much more sense than a MOSFET.

Just theoretically speaking, the star washer is designed to be a paint breaker, or an aluminum oxide breaker, for grounds. If they put a star washer, that is unfortunatly acceptable to some people, to use it on a painted surface, but IMO its dodgy. Its designed to work with crappy prep jobs, otherwise a bolt with grease is better, so long its clean, because it will have a slightly lower resistance (vibration aside, it seems natural to assume it increases vibration resistance, but I am not really sure, so you would need to determine that).

Also, something to keep in mind : some people think that those star washers are single use, that they are dulled/deformed after a single use.


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