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Previous post sounds like BatteRooh


--- Quote from: W9GFO on March 29, 2018, 02:36:28 am ---Holy cow, does this video ever end???

I wonder, has there ever been "anything" that is introduced in this manner that has turned out to be legitimate?

--- End quote ---

No! the guy literally never shuts his pie hole. The video goes on and on until  the heat death of the universe or you succumb and cry uncle by sending him money.

--- Quote from: bd139 ---1. MBA comes up with what they think is a really good idea but can't implement it because that's someone else's job.

--- End quote ---

Once I had to respond to a guy who had an idea so revolutionary and exciting that he was afraid to tell us as he was sure the idea would be stolen. Finally I got him to reveal "it was a camera that would weigh things". A camera that when you pointed it at an object would tell the operator how much the object weighs. I began to explain to him concepts such as density but he quickly cut me short, as I was sciencing him too much. Just make it so and we would get a small royalty, 0.5% or there about, of the huge profit.

I couldn't cope after the first couple of minutes. Can anyone tell me what he is on about?

I was doing something on my second screen while he was rambling on.  All I can say is that the next 8 minutes or so was pretty much the same.

Then it got more than I could bear, even in the background.

I think I got stupider just trying to watch that! :palm:

Regards, Dan.


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