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I took it as a personal challenge to see the video through to its end. It goes on for an excess of 30 minutes, close to 40 I think. Ultimately he wants to sell you his "Nova X Report".

I admire your fortitude .... and, at the same time, question your sanity.

However, I do appreciate your bringing some sense of purpose for the rambling.   :-+

Yeah my sanity is sometimes questionable. That video was amazing to me. Not in a good way, rather in the way that I was amazed that someone would put so much effort into such garbage :wtf: ... or not really that, but that the method he used is a successful method which explains why he would go to all the trouble.  I guess what amazes me is that there are people that will buy into this. How is this method so effective, how do these peoples' brains work that fall for it?  :palm:

Then I remember who our president is... :o   :-DD

I'm definitely a little bit stupider after giving that video my attention, maybe can you tell? I do not recommend watching it, it wasn't worth it.


--- Quote from: SL4P on March 28, 2018, 06:03:06 am ---Sadly they bring respected names like Stephen Hawking in to their mumbo-jumbo.

--- End quote ---

Umm, cordless electricity in Stephen Hawking's "Science of the Future":

That should start playing at the relevant point (40m 32s). As cringe worthy as Ubeam.

Stephen Hawking for sure has made significant contributions to cosmology, etc, but particularly in his popular writings for the inquisitive layman, he was quite a quack.


--- Quote from: W9GFO on March 29, 2018, 02:36:28 am ---Holy cow, does this video ever end???

--- End quote ---
I gave up after 30 minutes.
Anyway, I can afford to. I made my fortune investing in solar roadways and Batteroos.  :palm:


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