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Have fun with this trashy piece of clickbait,,,,,,, |O



--- Quote from: LaserSteve on March 18, 2018, 06:53:10 pm ---Have fun with this trashy piece of clickbait,,,,,,, |O


--- End quote ---
OMG  :palm:
LaserSteve, you just won the 'Dodgy Technology' thread.  Congratulations!  :clap:

It's time to shut this section down, this wins, without question.

Now, I'm off to take my blender with me jogging.

.... just think, someone took the time to write this script, make this video, record this audio... it just seems to go on and on and I wonder if this video ever ends.

..."rejiggering [Apple's] iPhones"...

Did this video really just say "rejiggering"?


You know what's even worse?

Their host...

--- Quote ---I regularly travel the world in search of investment opportunities others don't yet see or understand.
--- End quote ---


If you ask your investment won't have an investment advisor anymore. :-DD

EDIT: Before anyone tries to defend them, claiming it's not a "get rich quick" scam, if they were once legit, they destroyed themselves...there's no going back from this. (Plus alot of their stuff seems like generic ramblings anyway.)

KEYWORDS: 'craze' 'nano' 'crystal' 'set to begin' 'will' 'absolutely'
Marketing words of the week.

Ok, it's 4 days too early for April-Fools Day
Sadly they bring respected names like Stephen Hawking in to their mumbo-jumbo.


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