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Acme Portable Cell Phone Signal Amplifier


Warning:  Place a dry towel between the legs before reading further because your going to get wet between the legs from all the excitement.

1pc Portable Cell Phone Signal Stickers Phone Signal Enhancement SP4 Network Signal Amplifier Signal SP4 Enhancement Sticker

207 Sold !!!

Feedback from Russia:   "Improved the signal by one division. Will order more"

Moving this to dodgy technology where it belongs, however devices like this (if properly designed) aren't entirely useless.

External car antennas for example that aren't electrically connected to phones. Or you could do what they do in outback Australia:


--- Quote from: jhoffman on July 19, 2023, 08:16:22 am ---Feedback from Russia:   "Improved the signal by one division. Will order more"

--- End quote ---

Does this mean that I have to worry about Putin sending tanks to my location..?    :scared:

Wait now - every product has an upside ... oh yea, you can see it printed on the thing.  :-DD

   Needing THIS passive that under any sort of PATENT authority ?
  I need a simple WIFI extension, getting approx. 15 meters from server, max range!
The ideal aspect, in this passive device, is that it can naturally re-transmit passively, all using same frequency band.

   Haven't seen or thought about the possibility, of no worries about signal feedback etc.


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