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$180 voice EQ gizmo for your TV. Hear the difference!

Not really sure this is dodgy tech. In an ideal world, the gizmo would help my parents to hear the poorly mastered dialogue on their lousy TV speakers. I've tried a few different electronic EQ gadgets and have been universially disappointed.

There are some good Amazon reviews and a few users indicating glitches. Nice marketing campaign and the gizmo seems to have a lot of parts inside. . .

If the gizmo identified compressed blaring audio of adverts and muted them, that would be a winner and moved to the "Great tech" forum.

From their site:

"Aftermaster Pro dramatically improves the audio quality of your TV and was engineered to fix the problems commonly experienced with movies or TV audio — difficulty hearing dialogue, poor audio quality and the need to constantly adjust the volume.

Improves Experience: Movies, TV Shows, Sports, and Live News
Hear everything you were meant to hear by the people who created your favorite content
Experience audio that is bigger, clearer, fuller and vastly more enjoyable

Fixes Common Problems
Automatically raises and clarifies TV dialogue while controlling the peak levels of special effects
No need to continually adjust the volume to hear what people are saying
Provides a richness and depth to the music, effects and overall audio that isn't available from expensive audio equipment
Noticeably Louder
Volume level and power consumption do not change
Patented process improves audio throughout its entire frequency range
Allows you to hear a sound presence you've never heard before

Aftermaster Audio Technology
Unique audio process that takes sound to levels that couldn't be reached with even the best mastering techniques
Re-master all audio in real time and transform it to a whole new level-bigger, clearer, fuller, louder and more exciting

Note: Not for use with ARC HDMI input ports. Aftermaster is not designed for use with a Smart TV who's only content source is internal wireless streaming. It is designed to go between a programming source (Cable Box, Roku, Apple TV, XBOX, Playstation, etc) and your TV or between your TV and add on speakers such as sound bars, etc."

I have the basic version of that that is HDMI only with no battery. Was one of their Indiegogo backers.

Overall I am disappointed with the quality of it. It feels pretty chintzy.

As far as functionality, about all I could tell that it did is boost the volume on quieter parts of movies.

It does seem to have some issues with HDMI or the hdcp content protection. Sometimes it has to get turned on and off or HDMI cables unplugged and plugged in to get the video to work.

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