Author Topic: [BigClive] Inside a fake un-trippable circuit breaker  (Read 5097 times)

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Re: [BigClive] Inside a fake un-trippable circuit breaker
« Reply #75 on: February 04, 2021, 03:01:02 pm »
My prior house had a Federal Pacific distribution box with their breakers. Being new to the country (mid 2000s), I didn't know better and the inspector mentioned that this brand was not recommended anymore, mentioned that the cost of replacement would go upwards of one thousand dollars but said nothing about a real and present danger. My google searches at the time also did not mention anything in the direction of fires but only a similar sentence as shown in the linked article as well: "The CPSC claimed that the data did not establish 'that the circuit breakers pose a serious threat of injury to consumers.'" Being caught in the crossfire between contractors trying to reap the most money out of your pocket, the sheer amount of stress moving to a new country and reassured by the statement above, I ended up not replacing the panel.

I don't know your exact timeline, but there was a class action lawsuit and explicit recall of Federal Pacific service panels in New Jersey, but the CPSC, as you note, did not demand a recall initially and by the time everyone realized that they should have, Federal Pacific was long gone.  There are still thousands of homes here in CA with those as well as Zinsco/Sylvania boxes with the infamous Magnetek breakers.
Yes, the timeline was more than ten years ago and in Texas. It's been quite a while since we moved out of that house.
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Oh, the "whys" of the datasheets... The information is there not to be an axiomatic truth, but instead each speck of data must be slowly inhaled while carefully performing a deep search inside oneself to find the true metaphysical sense...

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Re: [BigClive] Inside a fake un-trippable circuit breaker
« Reply #76 on: March 08, 2021, 10:04:41 pm »
"The arc quenching is done by luck"

 :-DD :-DD
I lost it. My wife came in to ask what I was laughing at.
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