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Another Aliexpress capacitor-fest

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Another piece of capacitor artwork from Aliexpress:

It looks like a sort of Greek-temple inspired artwork, a colonnade of supercaps surrounding Doric(?) rows of electrolytics and then an inner sanctum (cella) of SMD caps, because if one is good and ten are better then seventy must be even betterer.

You can complement it with this super DAC:

I really wonder if the discrete DAC is any good. For 1k (plain PCB) it really has to be exceptional, which I doubt. Will it beat the 1792s in my Denon player? Or the 1704s in my Denon amplifier?

I was curious too and did a quick search for "ladder dac", and have discovered that they're a thing in the audio woo-woo world, so this isn't just some random electronic art curio.  Of course the results are, uh, mixed.

Still, a great way to turn a few dollars in SMD resistors into $1,000+ of audio gear.

It seems, tested discrete DAC is not bad, but not better than an average integrated DAC, while good DACs will only cost a third. So probably only a waste of money, they look impressive though.

It's IMO a complete waste of money compared to a good, modern sigma-delta DAC and I doubt it comes close in terms of THD.
But hey yes, that looks cool. Whatever floats one's boat really.


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