Author Topic: I don’t see the fuss over wireless charging  (Read 8471 times)

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Re: I don’t see the fuss over wireless charging
« Reply #50 on: November 08, 2021, 06:35:59 pm »
I have a Samsung Galaxy J7 phone from 2016 and it was charged overnight for most of its life. The battery can still last over a whole weekend no problems. And even if it does fail the battery is user replaceable by simply taking off the clipped on back cover. Tho id more likely get a new phone instead to avoid the Android version getting too old to run most apps(This is the ultimate death timer for all smartphones, even if the hardware holds up).

Wireless charging should not be a problem as long as you don't try to get really fast charge rates out of it.

As for USB ports breaking. I have never broken one myself, but have had to replace a lot of USB ports in phones/tables for other people. Ranges from connectors that don't make connection anymore, to ones where the internals are a mangled mess to ones that are ripped completely off the board. You might take care of your connectors, most people don't.
Interesting...I too have to replace some usb ports on other people's phones, but usually the fault was caused by them dropping it while having it connected, corrosion and carrying it while charging in pocket (battery bank, but usually this is also accompanied by the port being fully SMD). The only time I've damaged a usb port was on an arduino leonardo when I accidently applied lever like pressure onto the port. the socket was full SMD, (didn't have any through hole protrusions that go through PCB to distribute forces. )

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