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Another day, another cryptocurrency fail

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Stray Electron:
  And I just dropped a $200,000,000 bill on the city sidewalk.  Boo hoo hoo. Woe is me!  Time for somebody else to cough up.

   The whole crypto-fantasy world gets nuttier everyday. It's like a group of fishermen, "the first liar doesn't stand a chance!"*

  * (Translation: the first liar is always followed by another liar who tells even even bigger lie about "the one that got away!")

"Code is law" say idiots who never seen how bad people are at writing code. always brightens my day.

That said, have you seen how bad people are at writing laws?

For laws we have a system of courts and appeals. It is not perfect, for sure, but it is some form of recourse. There is nothing like this for crypto by design and intent.


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