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Another laughable "high-end" audio product

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Canis Dirus Leidy:

--- Quote from: strawberry on March 31, 2018, 11:24:38 pm ---What about cheap audio foolery.. fake gold plating, steel copper ''polarized'' audio cables,  ... spatial HiFi/UHD RCA/SPDIF cables for blueray/4K or what not

--- End quote ---
Welcome to Ukraine:

P.S. But their bullshit is priceless! "The digital roughening, importunity of the vocals disappears, the sibilant consonants cease to be emphasized, and the violins acquire natural melodiousness, getting rid of the increased itch-tickling "rosinity" characteristic even for very expensive digital paths."(c)google-translated advertising of their voltage regulator (simple circuit with (supposedly) TL431 and ancient germanium BJT).


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