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Another water from the air technology, but on a grand scale.

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 :palm: Seriously, they say you'll sequester enough water from the air to water trees & shrubs around the facility to help keep the humidity up so you can extract that water from the air....

when you live in empty quarter you'll crave for this technology, esp when the dajjal (antichrist) is coming, opps did i just say that?

Do not misunderstand me, I know you can get water out of the air through de-humidification, but when the say to use the water to water some plants to raise the humidity so the de-humidifcation can work?  Aren't they just messing with us?

wonder what CGI software tools was use to make this video.  so I can dream up my own vaporware videos

Besides the non-proven claims from the whole marketing balderdash:

The wind generators are too close together to be running efficiently and when setting up a roof structure primarily to serve as carrier for solar panels, why not build it for maximum yield angle??

I am guessing no engineer has been involved in this "project" and it being just one of those »design concepts«: This is why it is hard to be taken serious as a product designer.  :palm:


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