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Guess what else works, and is free? A biscuit tin.

One born every minute.


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--- Quote from: JPortici on September 20, 2021, 09:20:51 am ---Precisely.
At least now they let disable the auto lock/unlock feature (but at the same time are pushing all sorts if functions to your smartphone to justify a connected car, as if there weren't numerous examples of this being a bad thing already from tesla, hyundai ford and toyota to name a few, but people never learn.)

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My dad got stranded once when he dropped and broke the phone he had paired to his Tesla. Call me old fashioned but I still prefer a key. Pulling a keyring out of my pocket and inserting the key in a lock just never seemed like a burden in need of a technological solution to me.

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Don't even have to break a phone for that to be a problem...

"Tesla driver started his car using smartphone app, drove outside of cellphone range, and got stranded when he stopped to readjust dogs' beds and could not restart the car."

We decided not to get "Keyless" entry on our cars, I've had it on previous cars but I didn't find it very useful.
However mine is still without flaws as it can be easily stolen through the OBD port.

So I removed the OBDII port on my BMW and have hidden it somewhere else (Where I can access it if needed) as they are commonly stolen.
On our Mercedes it needs to see an IR signal from the key before it starts. I have no idea if these have been stolen over the OBD port though.


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