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Sunglasses by your bed  8)

I think too bright is much like too cold - it's more fixable than being too dim or too hot.

But I shouldn't have to work around it, it is not technically difficult to make a very wide dynamic range with a backlight, there is no lower bound for LED drive current. I'm sure the challenge is that they're using PWM, but they could very easily add something to reduce the current for a low range. I have a heat pump in my house so I can easily fix both the too hot and too cold situation, technological solutions exist to all of these problems.

I was looking around out of interest on Argos and their cost of things and it looks to me like it has taken a turn for the worst with all that animated skeleton placeholder UI crap, the spinners and the dimming overlays.

I found some animated "loader" element stuff that flashes and cover up the contents underneath AFTER they had been loaded. I thought how can they be so stupid.
Doesn't seen affect the postcode stuff of changing stores with that animation thing hidden.

Do you think that is just stupid? They place a flashy animated thing over it ... It looks pretence to me and seems to do absolutely nothing useful but set to flash over the already loaded content after every page load thereby becoming a visually nuisance to me.

Long story short:

--- Quote[role="presentation"][clip-path="url(#alternatives-title-diff)"][style="fill: url(\"#alternatives-title-animated-diff\") none;"]
--- End quote ---

Would someone like to test out and then with the adblock elements above and compare to see if these things are really needed on the page?

My latest "favorite":

Authors get paid by the word.
Programmers get paid by the line.
Web page developers get paid by the white space.

Gives me a headache just looking at it. Light gray on all that blinding bright white. The bright white UI trend reminds me of standing in the middle of a brilliantly lit empty warehouse with a plain white floor, white walls and white ceiling.


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