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Came across this site looking for something and when trying to type into the search box it kept on stalling and results and a number of things would appear underneath and would not give me a chance to finish.

So I hid that and on searching I was infuriated to find it full of this page delaying preloading crap:

--- Code:
--- End code ---

Absolutely hate these things as well as the shadow under the fixed header but that is hidden and restored at the top by extensions.

The amount of time spent loading the rubbish that I hid above could be better spent loading the real contents.

Another one that flashes on and off this time on Google maps:


--- Code: ---##.e8RnDf-loading.Sfbe8b-RWgCYc.uncsgb
--- End code ---


Despite complaining many weeks ago Ebay is stilll doing this but a lot more.

Just now with the help of Ublock logger I found what I believe to be the culprit and works with Adblock:

I was going into developer tools to manually turn the overscroll bars back on and some things started to look a bit misplaced and just remembered the logger from ublock.

The script above appears very large and looks to me like it might be doing a number of things so I am wondering by preventing it from working will it break stuff on Ebay.

I'll have to see what happens.

Saw this in the 3D Printing subforum, and thought this would fit here:

Animated Snowflakes... Are we in the 90s? My poor mobile processor went crazy when stay there for more than a couple of seconds. Not that i want to, because of the next reason:
I immediately got nagged by that stupid chatbot. Not only visually, but with a audible fake notification as well.  |O

Not that i am in the market for a watercooled extruder anyway, but with that website i would never buy there.


--- Quote from: Ranayna on December 23, 2021, 08:49:06 am ---

Animated Snowflakes...

--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---||
--- End quote ---

--- Quote from: Ranayna on December 23, 2021, 08:49:06 am ---got nagged by that stupid chatbot.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---||
--- End quote ---

Turned off Adblock, ublock, Sticky Header Hider aka Fixed Header Fixer, removed hosts to try and make that fake notification appear. I noticed with the fixed header showing with the extension turned off that it is looking all spammy/spammy toolbars stuck there that I always despised and take great offense that I find no different to the customers who had all these unwanted browser toolbars over ten years ago that came bundled with things that they removed but kept on reinstalling except now embedded on the webpage in the form of these things by them just setting absolute to fixed positioning.

SPAMMY behaviour:

I remembered at first of being accused of aggression or I got sarcastic responses when I use to email websites that I frequently used with complaints about them in about 2016 when they just started to appear with a message like this:

--- Quote ---"This is my screen and browsing area, not yours, I will not have you interfere with my viewing area and SPAM me with great big unwanted toolbars/widgets that I don't want to constantly see stuck there that get in the way of the contents/restricts it and distract/annoy me that can't be hidden.

<Element name>
Much better now I can see what I am doing without the bloat.

Absolutely SPAMMY behaviour with no regard for user preference.

I want to be left alone to view the contents in peace like before without the intrusion and harassment unwanted fixed toolbars and widgets that appear and follow down the page.

Imagine going into a shop on the high street and as a shop owner, I hypothetically stick something in a fixed part of your vision, with the stores logos and showing you stuff and offers that you may not want to constantly see, no matter where you look, until you leave, now how would feel?

How dare you interefere like this... it's my browsing area, my screen... keep your filthy hands off it.
--- End quote ---

Maybe it was aggressive, yes I was angry but that was how I felt about it at the time of the intrusion of these things.


You are putting up a good fight against the forces of evil, @MrMobodies.   For most of us, I think it is too late - the ship has left the port, and the only choice we have now is like with old style television sets:  "If you don't like the program - Turn it off!"   :)


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