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Terry Bites:
Migraines-Siezures- Tears of Blood. Show me the way to F'in products on page 1.
I dont care about your new logo or latest take over.
But allegedly customers demand this crap. And respond positivley to pointless animation &c. 
Looking for products and spec and prices and non-availabilty is all fun fun fun!
Perhaps, as one senisble company has done is to have separate portals for engineers and another for whoever.

It all went to crap then the TV started telling us that having a shave was the same as driving an F1 car and shampoo casued spontaneous orgasms.
Web dseigners are ...................................... and we all  know that.

It's not often I look at search terms for Quora but now see this stupid crap (or has it changed?) with animated loading and placeholders.
According to my blocklist line 3234 there was one:

Unfortunately hiding the skeleton/placeholder crap .qbox also kills everything else.

I noticed quite a few of this stuff including the .loader element referenced to W3schools and I have seen this before on other sites.

I remembered using that sometimes and one occasion where it proved hand when trying to embedded some stuff through a portal.
I wonder if they are being encouraged at some point to do this sort of thing.


Dim the rest of the page with a tiny white toolbar and hurt my eyes.
Seeing all that crap above I knew this was likely to happen.

The dimming overlay looks like a recent thing:

When clicking any links gives me this but just found I have to clear cookies:

Now dim it with a tiny white dialogue.

Looking spammy and offputting to me I think I'd be adding that to my list of excluded websites in the search suggestion -""

At the same time they DID let me see the contents compared to other sites that show a description but link to nothing but a sign up portal.

After installing the adblock, I just forgot about what advertising is. There are no annoying windows on YouTube or pop-up ads in online stores. However, my adblock does not cope with all advertising and some of the visual advertising on the sites still appear. Can anyone advise how to reconfigure the ad block so that it hides ads more effectively? Or is it easier to change the adblock?

Might help if you say what adblock you're using. Then you won't get suggestions to use that one ;)

I use for Chrome:

ABP plus:

My blocklist:
Web UI annoyances Suggestions/page dimming overlays/spinners/animated skeleton placeholder blocklist (on imgur and also attached)
Beware some things may not work attimes where I historically added wildcards so I keep a list and sometimes spend hours finding them to remove of the list.

Fixed header control:
Sticky Header Hider aka Fixed Header Fixer

There is a new one StickyDucky that works for Firefox and Chrome:

Javascript switcher for when a website may suddenly start interfering with the contents and do horrible spammy things:
Sometimes it works but no longer on some like Quora as I discovered above with the changes they made.

Ublock just as good as ABP plus and better which is handy for identifying elements:

My blocklist does not block any adverts, unless they happen to be in a fixed/sticky position specific to a certain website embedded in it's own element name. I turn off the remove the built in Easylist filter lists and give many of them a chance. I may use Fanboy's list of social annoyances (that hides annoying popup sharing icons to Facebook and twitter icons) that appear on hover/right click. I try not  to block adverts as long as they are behaved, can be reported if they step out of line and from trusted sites and I know they help pay for their revenue.
Anti-Facebook Filters

There was one I had to turn CSS (where DisableScrollJacking below fails to prevent websites hiding the scrollbars)
that I rarely used but disappeared somehere on some profile that I'll try to find later.


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