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Back in 2018, a site I regularly used on my PC, updated their web page and asked for customer feedback.

I said the following.

--- Quote --- I   much much much preferred the old site.  This looks too tablet like.

I have your app on my Ipad and don't like using it as I find it much harder to browse courses etc.

Old site was a perfect way of seeing what courses you have, what courses are upcoming ets, all from a really easy to use web page.

Now I have to stare at a screen that looks like something out of the game breakout to find which company I want to find tutorials on.

I really really wish companies would stop jumping on the same bandwagon or seeking the same advice from so called experienced web designers that think they know what everyone wants.

I would imagine most people learning their music software would do it like me, while they are using their music software.

Most musicians using their PCs for Audio, will not have the MS store or any of its apps in use, we don't need them, we don't want them, this looks more like an app (a bad app) than a website.

Why change what was really good to something that's far more clunky to use quickly and much harder on the eyes.

I daresay someone will say that no one likes change.

I don't mind change when it's for the better, I do not like change for changes sake, and more often than not, such changes hinders the majority of peoples workflow rather than enhance it.

Did the people that sat round a table and decided on this direction, even have a music PC/Mac, or did someone just say "mobile is the way to go...." because even on my ipad, I always choose the desktop version for anything as it's far easier to navigate.

The short version. The old site was easy on the eye and very quick to find what I want. The new version isn't.
--- End quote ---

I received the following response from their CEO

--- Quote ---That’s funny … I designed this site myself but it’s somewhat amusing to me that you think there’s a bunch of people sitting around a table deciding things. I make what I want to make.

Sorry you don’t like it. I’m actually surprised. Out of the 100s of responses I’ve received, you’re the only person that doesn’t like it so far. Guess you can’t please everyone ...
--- End quote ---

I was looking at some hotels on TripAdvisor and was shocked to find this appear:

Now isn't that stupid?
Three gradients overlapping each over and one ontop obscuring parts of the picture they cover up.

Someone might think that is a genuine shadow at the bottom from the scene but it's just the gradients making it look like that.

I blocked a load of elements last year from Tripadvisor but it seems have gotten worse:

Gradients EVERYWHERE as well as gradients over gradients over gradient.
More animated skeleton placeholders.
More dimming overlays popups

--- Code:
--- End code ---

Previous elements from early 2021 featuring lots of fake loading spinners/preloading UI crap.

--- Code:
--- End code ---

Checkout the other attachments featuring other crap I had to hide.

Unfortunately I am now missing names of places and dates that were the child element of the gradients but I don't mind that, I prefer it like that where I can see what I am looking at much more clearly and properly like before.

That's all heavily randomised to stop ad blockers from blocking known element IDs.

I see, so they care more about me seeing those gradients and other visual annoying stuff than anything else that'd they go to great lengths.

That sounds a bit strange to me that they are obsessed with showing these things insisting I must see them and now I have equally developed an obsession in hiding them due to the distraction and annoyance they cause me.

I wonder since when did intrusive gradients, animated placeholder skeletons, fake loading spinners and dimming overlays make them money?

I know the spammy toolbars/fixed headers were in belief that because it is stuck there constantly it is *going* to be quicker for guests to reach it and click things on there to look at other parts of the site *assuming* they would do that but not all us may do that. For instance, I find a link on the search engine, click it, see the article I want or not and most like close it down after and if I am interested in the site or anything there then I might use stuff but not if it is going to be intrusive as I am there just for the contents.

It’s part of the whole web design cargo cult. To note the CSS is probably “minified” here as well to save them bandwidth.

Really modern web stacks are garbage. I’m currently tearing one a new asshole. It has three generations of fads in one product all badly integrated. In fact it caused an outage because the SASS pregeneration banged out a pile of CPUs which causes a cluster wide collapse. CSS ffs.  :palm: :palm:


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