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Just for fun, I made a small site using basic HTML and images.   It is AMAZING how fast a web browser can be nowadays, when fed some high vitamin food!

I was looking for something on Some wireless kit but doesn't seem to be there anymore any it seem slow and sluggish but noticed the skeleton placeholder crap below before the page finished loading:

--- Code:
--- End code ---

Seems to loads up instantly without the couple of seconds wasted on this crap that they seem to have gone to a lot of effort on implementing it.

Not as bad as the animated ones but still I find it very stupid, wasteful on how it delays it a bit and the irritation of seeing it flash on and off after every page load.

Can't get rid of dimming overlay. If I manually remove element: top-search-shadow-control the dimming overlay stops. If I add it to Adblock/ublock doesn't hide it. Now back in developer tools if I select the text input after removing the element it is reinserted.

I have narrowed it down to this script:

--- Quote ---
--- End quote ---
--- Quote ---<input type="checkbox" id="top-search-shadow-control" style="display: none">
--- End quote ---
when selecting search input.

I believe this element top-search-shadow-control which has 18 matches to be the culprit in that script.

--- Quote ---#top-search-shadow-control+body.header-content
--- End quote ---
If I prevent the script from loading it stop it but the search results appear scattered all over the page with it disabled.

Looks to me like a new form of HARASSMENT by injecting this crap but from scripts so not much the element hiders can do or am I missing something.

I kept on coming across Glassdoor which shows a dimming overlay dialogue after a couple of seconds to create an account and sign in which reminds a bit like Pinterest.

Attempting to hide the dimming overlay doesn't restore the scrollbars.
I have to turn off javascript but then I can't sort by ratings.

So I am going to add that to my search exclusions and blocklist incase I click another link to it.

At least Linkedin allows a certain amount of views per day before the authwall appears.

I found a solution.
As it is timed I thought it maybe a script:

Looking at the name of the overlay element:

--- Quote
--- End quote ---

Just added this one to the blocklist:

--- Quote ---||
--- End quote ---

Now it works fine.

I still feel a bit put off and I debating whether just to block it and exclude from search results as it will be a matter of time when they do other stuff like this.

Usual upsell crap. 

The worst thing for this is Pinterest which is a cancer upon this planet and should burn.

I kept on coming across dialogues that would interrupt what I am reading by covering up the background cutting me off and would disappear on trying to select the element and here's one of them:

Unfortunately hiding the element also seems to hide the dialogue too but fortunately not the scroll bars:

--- Quote
--- End quote ---

I submitted a complaint.
Very intrusive, nasty and disgusting behaviour coming from the BBC.

Another one I found for another post to do with gradients:

--- Quote
--- End quote ---

Hiding the element also hides the dialogue.

As someone who lives in England, in a household where the BBC license fee is paid for I should not have to "sign in" and see all this crap and be harassed by spammy things that I remember advertising companies doing similar things 20 years ago.

Another I saw last week that I just found.
Dialogues over dialogues:

Spamming the users with things they may not want to see whilst cutting them off. That goes to show the respect they have for the users as if their concentration of trying to read of articles don't matter and they can interfere and interrupt when they feel like it.

That reminds of empty shops where you look through the window or door and see the letters piling up from the ground.


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