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Like tripadvisor the BBC seems to be doing similar:

Gradient seems to goes past what looks like MORE THAN HALF and way past than than the red outline I put there the more I compare it the second and last:

--- Quote
--- End quote ---
Like them putting that there is going "improve" it.

Another gradient:

--- Quote
--- End quote ---

I like that and I find it looks beautiful and nice the way that picture turned out compared to the above which looks horrible and scruffy to me at the bottom. All of that potential to stand out hidden by these picture obscuring gradients applied more than half way through. I can also see the text clearly, higher resolution copy in attachments.

I wonder why they label this picture obscuring nonsense as "hero".
Doesn't it do the opposite of a "hero"ric  term/context like ruin a picture by making it unclear and give false illusions?

BBC are special when it comes to this. They do extensive panelised A-B testing against their design changes like you should do. This is uniquely compromised by the fact the people who run all this shit have no idea what they are doing because they’ve been there since the dark ages and their entire subordinate structure is yes men and arse licking morlocks.

Source: ex BBC contractor. Never contract for them!

I was experimenting with Xigmanas and was getting very frustrated with the decorations where I couldn't see things clearly.

Pages FLASH after every load so I hid it.


--- Quote ---###top_dialog_underlay
--- End quote ---
I am using a dedicated browser profile for it so I don't have to keep on changing or adding the ip addresses to the rules.

I didn' t see the spinner element as of course as I added a lot of wildcard variants some years before that is also added onto the blocklist.

Unclear tabs with black text where one maybe readable on mouse hover where it inverts it to white.

Notice: Loader.config tab forced in hover state so I can find it and stop it flashing on hover.

So I edited some of the CSS files. I removed some of the decorations.

Now I can see what I am doing.

Also irritating me was the white highlighting of the menu on mouse hover so I stopped that too.

As the text is white and there is a gradient that is white at bottom where I struggle to see the text especially for long menus so I just made it black.

Much better in visibility.

Looks much more clearer to me.
No more flashing, menus and tabs I can't see.

Some of the crap I removed or altered:

--- Code: ---txc-nav
:root {
#navhdr > ul > li:hover > a, #navhdr ul ul li a:hover {
    /* color: black; */
    /* color: var(--txc-nav-sub-hovered);

:root {
    --bgc-root: #D9DCE1;
    --txc-root: #000000;
    --txc-page-title: #777777;
    --bgc-area-data: #EEEEEE;
    --bgc-box-info: #D9DEE8;
    --bgc-box-error: #FFD9D1;
    --bgc-box-warning: #F7F2B9;
    --txc-box: #000000;
    --bgc-setting-tag: #D6D6D6;
    --bgc-topic: #95A7C0;
    /* --bgi-topic: linear-gradient(#95A7C0,#97AAC2,#8197B4); */

    /* --txc-topic: #FFFFFF;

:root {
    /* --bow-tnt-global: 0px; */
    /* --bos-tnt-global: solid; */
    /* --boc-tnt-global: #444444; */
    /* --bgc-tnt: darkgray; */
    /* --bgi-tnt: linear-gradient(#9C9C9C,black); */
    /* --bow-tnt: var(--bow-tnt-global); */
    /* --bos-tnt: var(--bos-tnt-global); */
    /* --boc-tnt: var(--boc-tnt-global); */
    /* --bop-tnt: var(--bow-tnt) var(--bos-tnt) var(--boc-tnt); */
    /* --txc-tnt: grey; */
    /* --bgc-tnt-active: lightgray; */
    /* --bgi-tnt-active: linear-gradient(#9C9C9C,black); */
    /* --bow-tnt-active: var(--bow-tnt-global); */
    /* --bos-tnt-active: var(--bos-tnt-global); */
    /* --boc-tnt-active: var(--boc-tnt-global); */
    /* --bop-tnt-active: var(--bow-tnt-active) var(--bos-tnt-active) var(--boc-tnt-active); */
    /* --txc-tnt-active: white; */
    /* --bgc-tnt-hovered: black; */
    /* --bgi-tnt-hovered: linear-gradient(white 34%,#CCCCCC 78%,#E1E1E1); */
    /* --bow-tnt-hovered: var(--bow-tnt-global); */
    /* --bos-tnt-hovered: var(--bos-tnt-global); */
    /* --boc-tnt-hovered: var(--boc-tnt-global); */
    /* --bop-tnt-hovered: var(--bow-tnt-hovered) var(--bos-tnt-hovered) var(--boc-tnt-hovered); */
    /* --txc-tnt-hovered: black; */
    /* --bgc-tnt-active-hovered: black; */
    /* --bgi-tnt-active-hovered: linear-gradient(white 34%,#CCCCCC 78%,#E1E1E1); */
    /* --bow-tnt-active-hovered: var(--bow-tnt-global); */
    /* --bos-tnt-active-hovered: var(--bos-tnt-global); */
    /* --boc-tnt-active-hovered: var(--boc-tnt-global); */
    /* --bop-tnt-active-hovered: var(--bow-tnt-active-hovered) var(--bos-tnt-active-hovered) var(--boc-tnt-active-hovered); */
    /* --txc-tnt-active-hovered: gray;
--- End code ---

Attached CSS files for anyone interested.

In "File editor" here are the direct paths to copy and paste for those also annoyed and inconvenienced:

--- Quote ---/usr/local/www/css/navbar.css
--- End quote ---

I don't mind the gradients and other stuff as long as I can see everything.
I should NOT have to mouse hover over the tabs for it to flash and invert it in order to see the text.

In the latest version 12.3 they made the menu text flash white on mouse hover:

Very annoying and stupid so I thought I'd get to work and find some solutions for the rest of the visual annoyances.

Apart from that the platform seems to work alright.

What a great way to treat a visitor, by loading the page in full, seconds later remove the scrollbars, dim most of the page and then harass them into signing up.

Look on the clickbait signing banner that hides the scrollbars and they seem care more about their fixed header than the contents.


The usual UI garbage preloading skeleton crap:

They might as well put a boxes around then than put those there to flash on just to flash off again.

--- Quote ---Tinypass.js
--- End quote ---

I will be less willing to create an account or click another one of their links.

Terry Bites:
Animation, mouse on, embedded epileptiform movie, etc utter bollocks and helps no one. It makes me laugh or is it gag, that in our realm its b2b. Are they trying to lure in buyers or engineers. I'll go with AD because thieir site is glossier than TI, as if. Are they deluded?

Then there are the great sites that tell you nothing about the product.  No info no buy. Sorry mate I'm moving on to the vendor who tells me something useful.
So many corporate brag sites. I've got to say I loved the FART (transformers) website.

About us, our philosophy, our mission.... piss off!  You gotta give it to sales people, they can wank in front of you with out being remotely bashful.


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