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A smartphone is for emergency use only...  everyone needs a better way to surf the Net, even if it's just a tablet?

They can't just LEAVE things alone that were fine before and on this occasion they seem to have got it wrong whether they just copied or linked it to the wrong feedback form for the sellers profile:

--- Quote ---"Tell us what you think about seller Feedback on this page"

This is the WRONG feedback form.
This is a product listing.

My complaint is the dimming overlay behind this form. Before it would open another tab or a pane on the right hand side. It hurts my eyes and this is become more and more excessive.

No! I don't want the contents obscured. I find that very annoying, insulting and very stupid idea.
--- End quote ---

I find I couldn't add to basket anymore not even with right click. I see it now uses a dimming element that I hid many years ago: which was used for delivery tracking dimming overlay on purchase orders as the parent element (so the tracking got hidden too) but on right click also opens the tracking information on a new tab to avoid the dimming unpleasantness.

On trying to leave feedback about it and that won't open too. Disable adblock again and to discover the same dimming parent overlay element applied to this new feedback form with the fancy edges that cut me off from the content instead of opening a new tab or a panel on the right.

My anger and frustration seeing it: Just look at it, how pretty and trendy it looks with the edges, like that is so much important than anything else, such as the comfort of my eyes and me seeing the content behind it like that is going to make me feel very happy that I'd smile  bullshit:.

The person who put that there: The user is very stupid and confused, don't know what they are doing and can get confused at seeing the feedback form and the contents behind it at the same time where it could be displaying so much of information that it becomes incomprehensible to them so we'll shroud around it, make it look like everything is paused in the background so they can concentrate on the very the difficult and complicated task of leaving feedback.

Sorry I tend to get a bit angry when I feel insulted and patronized like that.

--- Quote from: SilverSolder on January 19, 2023, 01:09:51 pm ---Basically all the stuff that "professional" web designers do, in order to make their work look like it took effort to make, and therefore was worth the fees!
--- End quote ---
Joke: Then I bet the use of that dimming overlay class element: .oly_mask hinges on some web designers continued employment at Ebay.

I just noticed something on scrolling:

As I accidentally scrolled, instead of the "Sticky Header Hider aka Fixed Header Fixer" extension hiding the form it hid the overlay instead.
Isn't that nice but then I still see it flash on and off.

It has been a while since I ordered off RS components but I found really really slow to discover to my horror that it was these stupid annoying animations that appear and flash during loading by the supposed "loading" or "transitioning" element. It is not just a few but when there are many results the page is plastered with these animated placeholders and it seemed to me slower on large results. When hidden it seem quicker Very STUPID! like that is more important waiting for these things to properly appear at the expense of wasting power and slowing everything down

32-1% 31% % wasted on sh*t that does absolutely NOTHING useful but cause it to slow down wasting cpu time and power as usual.

Chatbot plastered with them:

26%-1% 25% wasted on the animated placeholders in that chatbot.

1% cpu usage when hidden:

and this thing whilst isn't as bad as the dimming overlays I still don't like the background covered over.

As I was typing in the search box that seems to slow it down to with the suggestions and other stuff in white boxes that I found annoying.


--- Quote
--- End quote ---


What an insult I don't like predictive text or anything second guessing me like that and irritating me with things that changes as I type.

With all the user insulting shit hidden above I find it a pleasure once again to search to be left alone without the intrusion and harassment of things I don't want there, are not useful, slow the page down and cause me problems.


--- Quote from: MrMobodies on May 03, 2023, 12:44:56 am ---
--- End quote ---
The best suggestion! not in stock for months  :-DD

Yeah, I'm also both irritated and impeded by the auto-complete stuff.  My (Adnoid) mobile screen keyboard gives these really stupid completes, sometimes several words, that only make sense to themselves, not to the sentence they are immersed in.
And also recently has that smeary crayon looking 'trail' starts showing, if you drag finger.

   By the way, much of the screen touch icons etc frequently DONT WORK, whenever I've tried to use left hand fingers, as the 'response' to touch is kinda like a crazed young dog, always pulling back on leash.
   I keep thinking....'' ...want a competitor, I want a competitor, to flee to, buying these consumer products''!


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