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Mouser dimming overlay on search and suggestions:

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Apart from the dimming overlay, the search suggestions don't look as spammy and there is an option to switch it off but I always want it off.

Furious to find this which hurts my eyes:

Had difficulty in debug where pausing it continues to load to other page.

Using Palemoon which is slow and I was able to use Adblock element picker to capture it in time.

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After killing the overlay the loading next it seems to be virtually instant. Turn off Adblock went back to the previous page and clicked "guest checkout" then the 5 second delay. Very stupid.

Had my experience with websites having horrid or otherwise bloated web design and to be honest, there's no need to stuff in so many scripts. Regarding that issue, sometimes I have it with Amazon when I'm looking at the page of an item I'm viewing and I get a yellow bar dropping down in Firefox telling me about an unresponsive script a few seconds later.

Other times I come across a website that uses up far too much CPU or whatever, I just come off it immediately and never come to it again.

Bryn, try NoScript from Giorgio Maone.

Nominal Animal:
I habitually use NoScript and uBlock Origin (currently with Firefox 114.0 on Linux Mint 20.3).
For me, ads and animations distract me too much.  I either block them and interact, or I do not interact.


--- Quote from: Bryn on July 01, 2023, 06:50:41 am ---Other times I come across a website that uses up far too much CPU or whatever, I just come off it immediately and never come to it again.
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If it is during loading that could be the animated skeletons placeholders (flashing where the gradients change) that come on and off which my blocklist seems to be full of.

They call these things, transition/loaders/preloaders/loading etc but the ones on that blocklist aren't. It's all animation only. They do NOTHING in terms of loading but annoy, slow down the page significantly on load, slow everything else down and piss me off. I think it is a very stupid idea.

Another thing I am noticing also in that blocklist are videos on news websites that auto start, goes into miniplayer on scrolling down at the bottom right on or near the contents and remain stuck there (totally against like uncloseable fixed headers and widgets) which I class as intrusion and harassment over my viewing area and worse than the adverts which I don't mind as long as they don't do the same. A couple of weeks ago  I noticed NewEgg put one up which I hid.


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