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--- Quote from: Ranayna on August 04, 2023, 12:18:38 pm ---Ugh, i just found something that i hoped died in the 90ies:
A website with a custom mouse cursor. And not just some script kiddies private homepage:

--- End quote ---

Makes it look like a computer game.  At least it is somewhat on topic!   ;D

Dimming overlays:

--- Quote
--- End quote ---
Looking at the name of the element that they named and so they knew truelly well the effect it has on people, nag....

--- Quote ---nag 1  (năg)
1. To annoy by constant scolding, complaining, or urging.
2. To torment persistently, as with anxiety or pain.
1. To scold, complain, or find fault constantly: nagging at the children.
2. To be a constant source of anxiety or annoyance: The half-remembered
--- End quote ---
So basically harassment. Contrary to their dialogue saying "THANKS" and "Loyal KentOnline reader"  :bullshit: .

Scrollbars hidden:
Unhide using Chrome extension Sticky Header Hider aka Fixed Header Fixer with option "Make sure page is scrollable" selected.

Overflow/Scrollbars now showing:

Jumps to top of page on scroll down despite hiding these one of which disables CSS:

--- Quote ---||
--- End quote ---

Disable javascript with Chrome extension Quick Javascript Switcher:

A few things seem to be out of place but no more jumping to the top.

I think I'll just add it to my excluded list of sites on websearch in future but it goes to show the contempt they seem to have for their viewers. Nag/torment basically harassing them with dialogues that interrupt and cut them off from the contents... the dialogue doesn't bother me in itself but cut me off from the contents with the dimming overlay and twice with the cookie notice behind it... brightness/contrast interfering on large parts of my page... a big nono.

The worst is web pages that blocks adblocker only to have 80% or more page area covered with flashing ads (I'm looking at you Daily Mail)._

Added to poll:

Auto action & mouse hover: Menus/popouts/overlays & expanding/zooming on thumbnail/audio/video autoplay/preview

Suggestions/predictive texting and history in/under search/text input box (one of my first biggest annoyances way before sticky fixed header nav toolbars)

Clickbait trolling: Pay/authwalls/signup (excluding article limit)


--- Quote from: ResR on August 08, 2023, 05:43:23 pm ---The worst is web pages that blocks adblocker only to have 80% or more page area covered with flashing ads (I'm looking at you Daily Mail)._

--- End quote ---

Here's my blocklist if you want to try it which I tested with the Daily Mail and I whilst I see the adverts I do not see the floating ones which I WILL KILL as with any element that behaves like that whether or not it is an advert.

It does not specifically target adverts in general and will not use this thread as ways of blocking them willy nilly (need to make revenue) unless it is set the up to harass the viewer and interfere with the contents and maybe that's why it hasn't detected Ublock and Adblock Plus on mine as I have removed the default lists that come with it and target the offending ones by the website's element names rather than the advert hosts themselves unless they are involved with malware and aggressive advertising that go out of their boundary.

See attachment but there are two things I have to find and remove from there on that once use to work and may break other things.

Google maps change where little man on bottom right is no longer displayed to open Street view.
Ebay change where clicking on a picture listing to zoom in removes the browser toolbars.

I forgot to mention with Adblock Plus "Acceptable ads" option must be unticked or some elements rules seem to get ignored such as the Google suggestions.

I reported this issue a number of times in the survey offer which popouts when switching it off that I remove the built in ad blocking filters (Easylist etc) and just use a network blocklist to hide annoying UI crap, fixed headers when possible, suggestions and animations.


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