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Just found this from someone who thinks users will think the slowness will be faster because of the decorations

--- Quote ---APRIL 25, 2022/ #USER EXPERIENCE
Skeleton Loader Example – How to Build a Skeleton Screen with CSS for Better UX  :bullshit:
Israel Mitolu
--- End quote ---
Assume and dictate user experience to what they think the user thinks as below.

--- Quote ---They let the user know that some content is loading and, more importantly, provide an indication of what is loading, whether it's an image, text, card, and so on...
--- End quote ---
I expect the content to be loaded promptly with content not things that load first that sit there flashing away and slow the whole thing down by cycling through gradients or whatever.

--- Quote ---This gives the user the impression that the website is faster because they already know what type of content is loading before it appears. This is referred to as perceived performance.
--- End quote ---
"because the content is loading it gives the impression that it is faster."

That p*sses me of if anything due to the flashing and slowing the browser down here they seem to be deceptive in making assumptions about what the user is perceiving as if they are stupid and confused and don't know what they are doing.

--- Quote ---As much as we developers want our websites to load as quickly as possible, there are times when a lot of data needs to be rendered on the page, so Skeleton screens are a great option.
--- End quote ---
So slow it down even more under the guise the the user will think it is quick.

--- Quote ---Things to keep in mind
* While implementing skeleton screens, we should keep in mind the goal we are trying achieve with the website or app, and prioritize loading the content.
--- End quote ---
Bullshit again... Rubbish. No you don't.
Link to the above, put all this crap on it that slows it down on page load and pretend/give the user a perception that it is loading quickly.

* Very stupid! Instead these things are being prioritized instead of the contents as it loads first and slows it down as I have experience and found out with the many I screenshot on pause or with javascript switched off.

--- Quote ---A skeleton screen is an animated placeholder that simulates the layout of a website while data is being loaded.
--- End quote ---
A simulation of a website is NOT what I want to see ahead of the contents. If they intend it to be quick none of that nonsense should be necessary.

--- Quote ---Why Use Skeleton Screens?
They appear to be faster and are more user friendly.  * Improved perceived performance  :bullshit: * provides both good UX  :bullshit: and helps in increasing conversion rate.  :bullshit:
--- End quote ---

My thoughts/sarcasm/anger The mass majority (including me as a user) are very stupid, naturally born with a very low iq level and very low natural/intellectual abilities that they won't notice the slowness when we bloat the experience, slow the page load down and pull the wool over their eyes. Because it looks buzzword bullshit: modern, newer, pretty trendy[/i] as we set it, it would appear to them that it is fast and they THINK it improves performance when it DOESN'T and is user friendly because of the flashing and decorations and other people are going to talk about how this prettiness improves performance and gives a better a user experience by seeing how well these things flash.

* More like a DECEPTIVE UX and a conversation about it in threads like this.

--- Quote ---When to use them
* Use to notify the user that something is loading when more than one element is loading at the same time.
** Use when loading data takes more than 3 seconds.
*** Use on websites with a lot of traffic.
****Use for a background or long-running process.
--- End quote ---

* What? and load these useless things up as first priority than all the things that matter to the content after.
**Slow it down even more
*** The user may tell when the website is slow when content GRADUALLY loads on it but if there is animation crap everywhere that is slowing the page load down and they may not notice the difference due to the slowness and with "Improved perceived performance" to make it appear faster  :bullshit: sounds contradictory to me.
**** So permanently hog the cpu until somewhere down the page.

That takes over 8% cpu time every time those tile things reload up with that effect.

--- Quote ---Conclusion
You made it all the way to the end! You've learned about skeleton loading, and how it contributes to user experience  :bullshit: by * creating the illusion of speed  :bullshit: when loading data, and you've implemented your own.

I hope you found this tutorial useful and that it serves as a good starting point for creating various skeleton loading screens.
--- End quote ---
It is a blooming webpage full of text and pictures why bog it down with this page slowing crap before the contents? The user will think it is faster and gives them a good experience by how pretty it looks.

--- Quote ---If you found this article insightful, do share it with your friends and network. Also, feel free to connect with me on Twitter and my blog where I share resources and articles* to make you a better dev.  :bullshit:
--- End quote ---

* Creating an illusion of speed by taking up/wasting cpu time/resources on the decorations. So Israel Mitolu admitted it, all this page slowing crap to create a delusion and users will think that a bloated slow UI experience is quick when it isn't by how pretty it looks.

Yes it is insightful how web developers like this are out there and how they treat their users, assume what they want, and bloat the page/interfere and with the decorations they'd think it improves performance.

Did I just say as I often do, "Do they think the user is stupid and are effectively calling them stupid?"

** Adding this bloat and assuming users will think it is faster when it is slow makes you a better web developer.  :bullshit:

Reminds me of this post by BD139:

--- Quote from: bd139 on November 01, 2018, 12:57:31 pm ---I write web apps a lot of the time. I have done since the web appeared in the 1990s.

* I have seen a massive decline in front end quality in the last decade and you know why?

Sometimes stuff is actually just done and people have a fear of that. Once it's done they're of no value.

Thus the "never done" attitude is what happens. Thus what do you do to something that is done? Shovel more features into it. Next thing you know your web site looks like an Indian train, except less useful.
--- End quote ---
* They have people like that working there, Israel Mitolu from Freecodecamp with that attitude and a fixed perception of the user?

A simple text "loading" behind whatever is loading and a basic outline has got to be a lot better and less overhead than all that crap above.
I wonder do these web developers do any performance/overhead testing on their own work to see what impact it may on the browser & cpu usage or do they just deceive/delude the user with crap like the above plastered everywhere?

What do you think?

One it the annoying traits I see often enough is pages that keep flashing up xx people recently viewed this product, xx sold recently. It is designed to generate a FoMO response but to me it's just another distraction on a webpage.

I remember being at college in the 2000s and it being quite a big design mistake to have objects move around as the pages loads. The layout should load and respond to screen size but not have text or images move about, this was partly because of 56k dial up so a image might take ages to load and cause everything to shift about. Though I see it doesn't really matter anymore, or they just dont care.

Added to poll: Flash/fade/moving(appearing and disappearing) popout widgets/sliders: xx people viewed this item

I went absolutely mad loosing me tempter to discover this today that I called Amazon to complain but found it so difficult to get through.

Massive big SPAMMY toolbar harassment appearing down the page as the page loads.

1/3 of my browsing area:

Takes up large part of the screen, have to scroll more and now isn't that stupid? as well serves as the major distraction for something totally unwanted.

I go there to look at the contents, scroll to the bottom to next page not sit there and stare at a large toolbar stuck all the time.

At first I saw the nav toolbar suddenly hide on the slightest scroll but kept on jumping to the top of the page with the arrow keys or when I let go of the scroll bar forcing me to turn off the "Sticky Header Hider aka Fixed Header Fixer".

I had difficulty, maybe I am not looking in the right place trying to contact a human by phone and kept on going in circles pointing to F&Q but can't find anything to do with website/webpage feedback apart from the items I purchased.

I tried different numbers I found all out of service or hang up. I saw something  under accessibility (I thought was to do with using the website) with a callback:

Transcript from auto attendant

--- Quote ---"Welcome to the Amazon accessibility line. This line is dedicated to the support our customers with disabilities. Is this doesn't apply to you can get in contact with us by visiting or by selecting the customer services option from the main menu in the Amazon APP :bullshit:  dot just to let you know..."
--- End quote ---

Yes I do have a disability, I don't know if it related to but it should not require it or proof I have one to talk about a change they made that interferes and affects the viewing or concentration of the page/browsing experience of many that they decide to do willy nilly.

I notice it happens after the page is loaded so maybe script driven. Using Ublock logger, filter by script and pausing it after it appeared, added them to the blocklist and removed one at a time narrowing it down to the culprit:

--- Quote
--- End quote ---
Doesn't appear anymore.

Notice images... Isn't that path suppose to be for graphics and images? Or is it that some graphics designer is obviously looking to make problems that don't exist or fighting for their job or a promotion by sticking the script to trigger it where they can to show "how much it helped people" what "genius they are" by harassing the users with intrusion/unwanted things and ramming that navtoolbar in their faces, like it is "suppose to help" people as they are stupid and confused and because it is there it is quicker and easier for them to get to and will generate more clicks for Amazon...  :bullshit:

Couldn't they have just set the position from absolute to fix instead of a 21,900 character script (not sure if it does other things) ... so the extension works without jumping but I wouldn't want that either.

I expect a revert (prefered) or a profile option.
I find it awful and intrusive to STICK things that maybe totally unwanted in the browsing area especially at that size.
Very STUPID idea (1/3) over the content.

I sent the screenshots for an answer back.

I pay for Amazon Prime but if I get a bullshit reply back with buzzwords, trendy/newer/modern/ etc they can forget about the Prime membership.

Also I notice more dimming overlays that hurt my eyes like behind the accessibility callback dialogue which happens to parent of the dialogue so can't hide that one.

This crap seems to be getting worse and worse.


--- Quote ---Isn't that path suppose to be for graphics and images?
--- End quote ---

It's whatever they want it to be. They could put spreadsheets in there, or shove images in ~/downloads, and it means nothing to anyone except the developers and their webserver. Indeed, the path may not even exist in reality on any filesystem.


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