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Absolutely p*ssed to find my scrollbars keep on disappearing and after disabling adblock tiny white dialogue appears "get £5 off when you purchase in our app!" whilst dimming everything else suddenly/cutting me off completely from contents and discomfort for my  eyes.


--- Code:
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1 star out of 5.

--- Quote ---Scrollbars are taken away. Disable adblock and a dimming overlay with tiny white dialogue "get £5 off when you purchase in our app!"
This is harassment.

Dimming overlays which suddenly appears hurts my eyes, cutting me off from the background completely is entirely the reason why I won't be using your stupid app as I won't have the browser controls to hide things like this put up with absolutely no regard for the user.
--- End quote ---

I think they did something like this before without the feeble offer.
No amount would make me use the stupid APP when it won't have browser controls to hide spammy behaviour and screen dimming/flashing overlays.

You should add another option to the poll: Infinite scrolling.

Ugh, yes.
Now Google has started that crap as well.

I see they renamed it from merch to recs.

29% and an annoying FLASH during every page load.

Adblock Culprits:

--- Quote
##.recs-loading recs-text-row recs-section-one
--- End quote ---
If it is going to do that I rather not see it.


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