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Biophotons and Quantumphysics in a handy device


It seems that the terms "Quantumphysics" and "Biophotons" are very popular in some circles. Has anyone ever heard of the MORA device? Invented by Dr. Morell and Mr. Rasche in Germany. Both were members of Scientology. So no wonder their device has some similarities to the famous E-meter...
The MORA device is a bioresonance treatment and analysis device, whatever bioresonance exactly means. It seems that it can really help some people but in my eyes the effect is the same as a placebo.

Wanna see it in HD and color? Watch the teardown video here:

FYI, there is actually a small amount of light emitted by the body.  It's not visible by eye but is just sensible with a sensitive camera on long exposure (obviously, in a very dark room as well).  The light is deep red, likely a product of oxygen radicals.

Of course, this has nothing to do with whatever people think "bioresonance" might be.  Just a little real-science trivia.


Good for components salvage. Nice transformer, interval timer (needs repair obviously), and meter movement.

You could probably change the "wankery tube" for some inductors and it wouldn't care. >:D


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