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Caltech joins the wireless energy hype

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Satellite beams solar power down to Earth, in first-of-a-kind demonstration:

TL;DR: They transmitted 200mW of microwaves from a satellite to earth.

Is that the transmitted power, or the received power? I would suspect the latter, and the transmitted power was several orders of magnitude larger...

As is usual, this was a demonstration of a practical module that can be scaled up for use in spacecraft.

As Werner Herzog once titled a film, "Even dwarfs [sic] started small"

I remember a Donald Duck comic where Uncle Scrooge places a 'solar umbrella' into orbit to beam down solar power to his money bin. Them pesky Beagle Boys ruined it.

As players of "SimCity 2000" will know, when the satellite solar collector beam wanders from its designated receiver station, lots of fires are started. We should think carefully about whether we want megawatts of microwave energy aimed at us.


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