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Cheap Chinese Air Quality Monitor Teardowns

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Stray Electron:

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Well, it's not good but many other countries are not really any better now. ::)

Other than that, not really surprised. Good sensors are expensive.

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You do realize that this is Chinese data about their own country. The same country that from the very beginning denied that Corona was even an issue.
 Along with their own completely fabricated death statistics. A country where Olympians, reporters and scientists just magically disappear, never to be seen again.
They were burning so many bodies during their initial pandemic that it was detected by satellite lol. And 20 million people just stopped paying for their phone plans.
A guy I know who acted as an intermediary for an Australian instrument company was stuck in China for ages. When travelling through the more rural parts
 he noticed many  evenly spaced out dead bodies on the side of the road. Then a week or so later they were officially informed of the virus. It was hell.

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    I hope this doesn't turn political but here goes;  I've heard that China does not allow the mRNA vaccine.  Does anybody know why?

This thread is about air quality, please do not discuss vaccinations..

Anyway, tons of crowd source air monitoring occurs in China, I'm just not sure if they are allowed to post their data. Aqicn seems to have some sources like schools, but I didn't see any individual houses. Maybe other sites exist that are not in english.


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