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Chinese head lamp manufacturers in a race to see who can put the most LEDs on.


I probably wouldn't actually buy any of these because they have the awful strobe mode and their battery capacity and rated light out put will be much lower than advertised. But they are fun to browse, because they are getting ridiculous.

I'm guessing "Headlight" was trademarked, so they had to use "Heaolight" ?

These are bargains, no quality to speak of.
We won't buy this headlight either

I have the bottom one that you attached a photo of.
It is great.
The reason for all the LEDs is to offer simple switching between light levels and also beam width.
The dedicated red LEDs are also great for map reading.

If I recall correctly, it has 2x 18650 cells and if you put some nice high capacity ones in it. It lasts for a good few hours. I think I charged it once a week when I took the dogs night walking during lockdown.

the morer the betterer  :-DD it's like the "more stripes , more adidas"  :-DD


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