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Dangerous Solder Station KSGER T12

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--- Quote from: floobydust on January 08, 2022, 09:32:42 pm ---Post #6 Slartibartfast  mentioned ERSA and Weller having 2-prong power cord, in Germany. I assume the leakage current to the tip is very low, they use linear power supply not SMPS.

--- End quote ---

I should know about the Weller as someone gave it to me as scrap. When I refurbished it I saw the inside but I do not remember it. Like the ERSA, it is quite heavy, so I'd assume their transformer is big enough to work at 50Hz (linear power supply). Both stations are a couple decades old, when I look into new offers from, e.g. CONRAD I find most stations nowadays seem to use IEC-60320 C14 (i.e. with PE connected). Maybe indeed that is related to them using SMPS.

With a double-insulated (linear) power transformer there is very little leakage current and capacitance from pri-sec. They do weight a lot though, heavy.
Kadano's scope traces show the situation with new KSGER V2.05 SMPS is terrible, leakage much worse than just the 2,200pF Y-cap. I would expect IC's to get damaged, never mind the transformer winding quality is hit or miss.

I posted in another thread (about the CFW for KSGER) but I'll ask the question again in here for completeness...

What should be modified on the V2.05 (black) PCB to increase safety ?

I also checked continuity between the solder tip and earth ground (3-prong USA plug) and it's not connected.


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