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Debunking takes way more time than spreading: how is that effect called again?

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Hi all.

I remember Dave Jones and other fellows who debunked disinformation used to call that "situation" by a name but I don't remember it. The effect in question is about the amount of energy and time it takes to debunk fake information compared to spreading it. I just can't get my fingers on the video Dave talks about it, unfortunately.

Does that ring a bell, anyone?

Thanks in advance.

Increasing entropy is easy. Reducing entropy is hard.
So, something like Second Law of Thermodynamics?

In physics classes, a typical illustration of entropy is opening a sealed bottle of gas:  the gas molecules quickly spread out over the volume of the room and it requires quite a bit of energy to get them back into the bottle.

It's called "La teoria della montagna di merda" in Italian (by Uriel Fanelli), "Theory of the mountain of shit" from here.
Unfortunately, the original blog post is not accessible any longer, and Google Translate does not seem able to give me a translated link.
You can still copy & paste the text piecemeal in GT, I really recommend it, it's worth the effort.

Thanks to all for your hints however this is not the term I was looking for — as I am pretty sure I have heard it. It's in fact in the form of a name, e.g. "The XXXX effect". I had thought it would be the Chomsky effect but that's not the right name.

Any idea?


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