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Wish is so full of scammers nowdays its unbelievable i don't know how the place isn't shut down by now. Sellers on Wish were the ones sending dodgy chinese seeds all over the planet :palm:

I've just located another teardown/review of a 'digital camera', this time by an Australian based reviewer who seems to make a habit of buying electronic devices from

Even the pictures on the camera and photo inset are fake, not taken by the camera and are just stock photos copied from somewhere by the marketers or sellers.


Taken from:

Taken from:


Just noticed they made a mistake on flipping the camera horizontally:

This is Smoorez second 'Digital Camera' review, I have vague memories of seeing things like this on sale at the Reject Shop a few years ago.

Some people would choose to buy something cheap that they then throw away over spending a little more and having something they want to keep.


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