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--- Quote from: SiliconWizard on January 15, 2021, 04:35:39 pm ---I just don't understand what's up with

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They were using aggressive marketing and every (dirty) trick in the book at increase the number of registered customers and number of orders before their IPO.
The site screamed scam...

So to no surprise once they went public and reporting quarterly earnings stocks kept going down.
I do expect them to hit rock bottom in a 2-3yrs max.

Basically a scam site but the scam is not primarily aimed at the customers, but potential shareholders.

agtrbt: management should lest their brand spoiled by excessive rubbish listing

Youtube is full of people buying something on Wish just to see what it is, and make a video.  And they get such utter crap wouldn't be a good buy at any price.  For example, this guy bought a fake golf club a couple of years back:
Clearly not worth what he paid for it, even though it was a fraction of the real item.
It wouldn't be a good buy even at $10.  Just a complete waste of time (unless your goal is make a video!).

Well, then Wish actually is a good indirect source of income for all those Youtubers.
It's some  kind of symbiosis. ;D

I’ll take Dave’s analysis over Ashens’ - a master of eating out of date food and old tat from Poundland. 😄


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