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The YouTube does sarcastic product reviews and about four months ago posted a review of four camera's he'd purchased from Two turned out to be (The same) webcam electronics in traditional camera shaped shells. The third appears to be a descendant of the camcorder Dave tore down in issue 595 and the last, well despite being three times as expensive and apparently much heftier than the other three camera's, well performance was disappointing to say the least.

Ashen's opens one of the two webcam based camera's but none of the others...

Perhaps Dave needs to have a look into these...

As a challenge, I'm wondering just what type of cheap dedicated camera you could construct using the types of sensors fitted to mobile phones?

I remember this teardown video he did reluctantly on one of them in 2014.

EEVblog #595 - World's Worst Shittiest Camcorder: Teardown

Wish sells so much crap, it's mind-boggling.

Domagoj T:
I am ashamed to admit, but I was stupid enough to fall for this. I saw a "4K action cam" for ~$30 and thought how bad could it be? If it works at all it's good deal, right? I was not naïve enough to hope for real 4K, I expected the 4K to just be some interpolated crap, and would have been happy with 1080p, or even a half decent 720p.
Well, the camera arrived, I quickly went through the settings, cranked it up to 4K of course, and shot some test video just to realize that the image quality is utter garbage. Interpolated for sure, but not from 1080, or even 720, but rather from 360 (or maybe 480).
Anyway, I played around with the settings a bit more, tested some other modes and then, about half an hour into me playing with it, the 128 GB Class 10 microSD was bricked. This was more than three years ago, so the price of the card was significantly higher than the camera.
Lesson learned.

These could even be found in Argos stores in the UK quite recently, with the Praktica brand iirc. They are indeed garbage.


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