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Dimming STUPIDITY with Chrome and mobiles

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Experimenting with mobiles and the latest Chrome 90 and  Vivaldi 3.6 and the dimming has been extended to the just selecting the keyboard.

This looks like it has gotten out of hand. I thought Google suggest was bad (always avoided that with complete=0) as the results just disappeared when doing certain things so I am cut off from the content except it hurts my eyes hurt in the process as I said many times before.

How can I concentrate and use this thing when I have the screen flashing from light to dark to light.

I have firefox 68 on my old Samsing J5 (Android 6.0.1) that doesn't dim as much but it doesn't do it often on menu's.

Sony XA2 with Lineage 18.1 (Anaroid 11)
Firefox 68 mobile (no dimming on keyboard)

Vivaldi 3.6 mobile (build on chrome) dimming with keyboard

It does everywhere else on the phone. I changed it from Sony stock rom, that was unbearable to Lineage but still has the visually annoying animations like this thing:

Look at that dialogue. I was changing stuff and it was not nice with the constant flashing:

I cannot find no setting for this dimming nonsense and it is getting worse.

Samsung J5 Android 6.0.1:
a tiny bit of dimming

Sony XA2 Lineage 18(Android 11)
Can't see a thing.

I wonder why the developers or whoever feel the need to do this stuff.

Do you think this dimming craze is just plain stupid?

It kinds of ruins the experience for me when I so much do stuff I can feel my eyes strain when it suddenly flips from light to dark to light to dark to light to dark... and so on.

I'd just turn the flashlight on, for a little bit of back light while not switching to dark mode, if I were to use my phone in the dark.

But Android like most other Google stuff is going downhill.
I'm Nokia 8.1 user, here's my experience

After upgrading to Android 11, YouTube barely works cause it eats up so many resources and crashes a lot. (Meanwhile newpipe works a lot better)
Advertisements load up in better quality, faster than the main video on YouTube.
It also tries to be your parent when you try to select video quality, giving you options like high picture quality and data saver. Just give me a damn pixel number.

They forced grid layout over rolodex style layout for tabs in Chrome (downgraded to what it was in Android 2.) plus they are shoving tab grouping in your face. On the latest Chrome, you can't even reverse it using flags.

Drop down menu is worse than Android 10

Easter eggs are no fun

Nothing interesting or useful has been added to Android since Android 9. It's just like Google and Apple trying to copy each other's UI.


--- Quote from: Raj on June 01, 2021, 05:55:02 am ---I'd just turn the flashlight on, for a little bit of back light while not switching to dark mode, if I were to use my phone in the dark.

But Android like most other Google stuff is going downhill.
--- End quote ---

I see, so they put darkmode there for that reason, the dimming nonsense crept in and there was an outcry for dark mode so it wouldn't matter with dimming or overlays appeared as it'll be dark already apart from the text in the background but I'd still feel cut off from the background.

Just checked and isn't that surpirse, I don't see any dark mode on this old Samsung J5 running Android 6.0.1 and there is hardly much dimming stuff.

I can see justification for the modal dialog (white window on white background without window edges, a la W10, is poor in principal), but to do it when the keyboard is in use is perverse. Perhaps whatever developer was following the letter (i.e. the keyboard is modal) rather than the spirit of the rules.

I read all above, but wondering: Is this related to the flashing video screen UTUBE before you click to watch (from an eevblog post).?
  Many UTUBE pieces are doing that annoying ghostly flashing, while you decide whether to click, or go elsewhere.


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