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who the hell scrapes the ICs to hide the identifying markings so they can't be replaced. This is the daughter board off a 'Shanghai Electronics Way' treadmill motor control board. Geez Louise.

Electro Detective:

"...helo, we don't want our design copied, tank u 4 ur email..."    ::)

At least that may explain why I see so many new-ish looking treadmills dumped on nature strips

Once they fail 6 weeks past the warranty period and the owners advised of the board replacement price  :o      out she goes...  :palm:

The usual reason for erasing markings is not to frustrate repair but to try to prevent cloning the design.

Nevermind the fact that those look like pretty standard parts and tracing out the schematic one could probably guess what they are, or their function...

Should've painted out the resistor values, too. Or a good coat of Flex Seal over the whole thing.


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