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Does anyone (else) keep a 'CURIOUSITY LIST' for electronic sciences ?

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--- Quote from: helius on November 30, 2021, 01:38:56 am ---The light pattern is, in fact, a series of images of the sun itself.

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Username figures.

Meaning of 'auteur':

   Scanning an older newspaper, I'm reading, sadly, about passing, of R.I.P., Peter Bogdanovich, in January.
What's the meaning, when article mentions: 'Auteur'.

   A filmmaker whose personal influence and artistic control over a movie are so great that the filmmaker is regarded as the AUTHOR ...of the MOVIE...


Not to be confused with an "Artiste" (although if the shoe fits...)

In the French film industry, which has been pretty well developed since the beginnings of the medium, there are five "authors" of a film: one each for the treatment, the screenplay, the shooting script, the direction, and the music. Sometimes the same person is the author in all five senses, although for most films of any scale at all, a professional composer is the author of the music. It's useful to take the French system as an example because it recognizes that a film's director has major authorial rights to keep his work intact. He can actually prevent the film from being disseminated in a cut-down version.

In film criticism there was a movement called the Auteur Theory which drew attention to the director's role in shaping all aspects of the viewer's experience. It is why we often speak of "X's Y" where X is the director and Y is the film, even though we know a film is the product of many hands. It has often been difficult for directors to keep control over their films when they lack legal protection (as in most countries) from the studios or financiers controlling the purse strings. An example would be Erich von Stroheim's Greed (1924): the director's cut was 42 reels (10 hours) and left audiences (only a handful who saw the unreleased prints) awestruck. The studio re-cut the film to 10 reels (2.5 hours) to the point it made barely any sense.

Great, but I'm wondering about any book adaptation,
like, please see 'Fear and Loathing in Los Vegas', a popular film, dripping with sarcasm. Hunter Thomson the book's author...With a snarky twist, as that film seems centered around that iconic author...complete with the 'Film documenting the filming of an adapted book...
   But, of course, too many 'nested loops' in any structure can get ludicrous. That's an 'Engineering Joke'.  I'd say, maybe, that's a deliberately RIDICULOUS movie, but entertaining diversion (from stress).

   Wanted to add, coincidentally this is 'International Women's Day'.
   About which, my point is, just heard that the male star, of 1970's TV SHOW ' Threes Company' was to receive royalties from many years of re-play...
The two female stars did not (if I got news right).
   THATs just not much did other show producers get, there ?


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