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Does anyone (else) keep a 'CURIOUSITY LIST' for electronic sciences ?

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   Good Morning!
   Keeping a wish list is nothing new;  What about specific things, in Electronics and related Physics ?
I suppose a college student has similar thoughts, when planning courses to take.
   But now, with age comes memory problems. A new idea or analysis sparks the curiosity, but then often gets shuffled to the side-lines, fading into vagueness.

   I've started my own private 'LIST', jotted down as I go. AND, sure, I've asked myself, like many, "...How can I lose a bit more weight / with some conditioning?"
(Sure, some learning goals are lofty, some frivolous sounding.)
   For the frivolous topics, I've included, BABY CHICKENS:...   SO:
     1.)   How do baby chicks hear ? I mean, ear structure, generally, in birds. That actually brings up the question, is that topic going to mention the DYNASAURS' hearing and anatomies ? And, while I'm there, might as well speculate on the whole, pre-historic situation, about how well the dynasaurs could hear, etc.

   Ok, list
   2.).  EEVBLOG items I don't recognize, such as 'FINITE STATE MACHINE'. Having one or having two 'solution stages', whatever that meant, for a state machine.

   3.) And, back to those baby chicks:
     "Why, in bloody hell, do they (all) go quiet and listen, cocking their heads in attention, to my attempts to whistle them a 'song'.
   I tried whistling 'Star Spangled Banner'; they listened.
   I think maybe they seek me, as their new LEADER, now, maybe...
   3.).  EEVBLOG vintage processor mentioned a '1-bit' CPU, in early electronic calculator days.  Ok but I did that one-better:.  I once tried to 'invent' some CPU / math that had 'bits', with less than 2 states, encoded:
Enter the UNARY bit: it's half of a (two-state) regular 'bit'.  Believe or not, with requirement two unary 'encoded' 'bits' needed, to transfer the two conventional states of one or two. Ridiculous, silly, I know.

   4.) Just about everything Cosmological, especially dark matter, and the expansion of space. (I think I'm better, trying to contemplate 'single state' bits, lol).

   5.) And just what, would such a 'single state' bit be called? : A 'blat' ? I can do better than that. How about,
 a "???": Readers: A little help, here, on that...

   AND 6.) The question, that got this thread started:

   Can just ANYONE, write any book, using the title 'How to Barbecue, FOR DUMMIES'.    ??
I mean, is that "blah blah blah For Dummies" title OWNed by someone ?

   Anyway, that last one was/is a serious question, among the silly ones.

And, yes, it IS possible to operate 'UNARY' based logic, where (all other) number bases, Binary, Octal, Decimal, etc can be 'built up'.
   Some media, it seems, brings up questions as you go (even as you read through some answers).  EEVBLOG can be like that: You get two answers, and a NEW couple of questions arise.
   Cosmology physics awakens the curiousity factor the most, though.

   Whenever someone, or some science, causes a new question, I'm gonna jot it down, for later. Kind of a nice list, similar to a classic personal 'goals' list.


On that matter of your picture - what is the perfect number and size of leafs for a tree, so that as little as possible of light passes (i.e. a maximum of energy generated), but also as little as energy is needed to grow those leafs.
Please report back in about 2-3 weeks ;)

30 seconds with google gave:

--- Quote ---FOR DUMMIES® is a registered trademark of Wiley Publishing, Inc.
--- End quote ---

More details at:

You can write a 'for dummies' book, but if you use that phrase in the title and want it styled as a 'for dummies' series book, your only option to publish it legally is through Wiley Publishing, Inc.

   Thanks for question. I've been noticing your good posts, around a bunch of (other) threads!

   That's a complex question, regarding TREE micro-environment.  Without going too much time, I surmise that other factors come in to play.  For example, if the tree leaf-canopy was solid, perhaps a more muddy surface would occur, right underneath.  With more holes for light,  it's possible the immediate ground circle can become choked with weeds.
   You have air flow vs. mold growth. Also don't forget this is all dynamic: Healthy tree grows faster, likely, this closing off the light reaching shade canopy area on ground. Heck: leaves block each other,  and perhaps some interactions happen
   Without too much investment, I'm thinking, 'armchair style' speculating:  What's the current state of using models in that sort of question...

   Originally, I did have an optical / physics question:
I think it was about "why does it look like that: fairly consistent circles of light ?".
   I assume it's, maybe, point sources, from leaves very close to each other, in path of light rays... I bet there is statistics involved.  This process, and mode(s) of thinking, reminds me of how important it was, to hear (biographical) stories of Einstein and 'Thought Experiments"...
   Yes, I've pondered that,  which was why I had snapped a photo or two, or that 'mottled' light pattern.
I think, originally, I was CURIOUS, why such a uniform set of (diffracted) light circles.
   Whew. I've actually, often, had to 'turn down' or otherwise moderate that human curiousity,  while I seek ways to better our existence.

Thanks, IAN:
   I bought 'Android for Dummies' with specific intent for improving my grasp of cellphone screen ICONs etc.
Things like 'settings' and SPAM block gets my goat, fast, when I'm 'flailing about', trying to decipher what
   "Squiggle~Triangle-Squiggle~┬ą" means.
   But instead, I got more ADVERTISEMENT, for explaining, marketing more of their brand...
   Monopoly BRAND.
   (People sometimes question why my attitude so bad!)


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