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Don't order from JLCPCB with assembly if you live in america. Sketchy.

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Just to let other PCB enthusiasts know that i'm warning anyone that if you're going to try assembly with JLCPCB. Dont! Just don't! I went through possibly the worst representative experience in my entire life. All I felt the whole time was their greed. I had been discussing what we could do to work out their mistake and their just a greedy company. I have heard alot of other stories after this happened from other people online and they all seem to get the same problems with JLCPCB. That jlcpcb doesn't want to give your money back at all costs. They dodged all my questions I ask them so I felt like I was talking to a robot so I felt like they weren't sympathetic about the issue. They also like to make you feel like you should fix it on your end so they don't have to fix anything. I can't even fix them because moisture was already in the boards.  I will try to attach a link to my discussion with JLCPCB.

Your just asking for your week to be ruined ordering from these guys. They are based in China so be ready for slow responses.

It's not a very long conversation but hearing them say over and over that they wont do whats right gets draining.

If they have a whole collection of datasheets with unclear information and you do assembly for the first time you might get screwed if you buy from them.

Honestly, you might get screwed if any fluke happens because they will blame you for it.

I find it impressive you manage to write this entire rant without... just telling us what went wrong...

Your rant (including the poor spelling and grammar) comes off as somewhat unhinged.


--- Quote from: racemaniac on August 20, 2023, 08:11:35 am ---I find it impressive you manage to write this entire rant without... just telling us what went wrong...

--- End quote ---

And this is your first post.

Frankly for the price you pay their terms saying that you should be asking for baking moisture sensitive LED parts is understandable. They are assembling the parts in highly automated way with no special attention to each order. You actually get more than you pay for. You say they are greedy, however as I understand it was $70 order including everything and they offered $30 coupon. Normally you would have to pay 5-10x of that just in setup costs.


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