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Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer (or wireless charging highway) tested in italy



I haven't found a technical report yet, only press releases. No mention of the "special retrofit", the technobabble at the end can fill a bingo card
There are some papers around on DWPT, i skimmed through them but i couldn't find details on implementations
If true, how could they achieve "the same efficiency as a fast charger"? a huge coil that comes down and stays as close as possible to the tarmac?

You have to calculate the energy loss of a car each XXX meters. Imagine there are inductive couplers each XXX meters apart. Now, it could be the energy you need to transfer into the car every XXX meters is not such big..
Btw, "to demonstrate capability" does not necessarily mean the stuff would work under real conditions.. (even I think this is how all cars will work in 100 years from now..)  :D

PS: say 50kWh battery in a small car, and it can do 200km with it (all an average). The loss is 50kWh/200km=0.25Wh per meter. You have to feed say 25Wh every 100m into the car battery then..
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I have no doubt that this will work.
However it will require infrastructure investments beyond imagination. All that copper isn't going to be cheap.
Plus consider EU regulations on efficiency - this is not going to happen.

Imagine a 250m long coil (or a system of coils, made of aluminum they wrote) every 10km (to save the infrastructure costs).
With say 25m/s car speed you have to transfer 2.5kWh in 10 seconds (see my previous example)..
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