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--- Quote from: Kleinstein on July 28, 2021, 03:57:46 am ---With cars we asume lower consumption to be better - wie a vaccum cleaner for some reason they made is think more consumption is better  :popcorn:.

--- End quote ---

It's just a matter of semantics, using different units. With cars if we look at horsepower then higher is still usually regarded as better. Fuel economy is a more important metric for many people though because they are not enthusiasts and even a modest car has plenty of power for them, fuel is expensive and many people use their cars a lot.

Vacuum cleaners are used only occasionally, the power consumption is virtually irrelevant but people do care about efficacy, it's only natural that "more power" = better. If I had a choice between two vacuum cleaners, one that was barely adequate but highly efficient and another that was twice as powerful but consumed 10 times the energy I'd choose the more powerful one every time, and so would most people I think. The additional cost to run it is simply not significant.


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