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Ecology vs Disposable Electronic Cigarette

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Full disclaimer! I do not smoke, neither I do encourage anybody to smoke. Smoking is unhealthy!

Locally it's common place to find discarded disposable electronic cigarettes (DEC). Usually in public trash bins. Together with old-fashioned cigarette buds.

These days in western civilisation ecology is the hottest topic. With every major business virtues signalling how much it cares about ecology (carbon neutrality and such). When we have this thing - DEC. Take a look at the attached image. That's how a typical DEC looks like disassembled.

Compared to the classic cigarette, it most certainly doesn't scream ecology (not that classic cigarettes are eco friendly, but still) . And yet these things are discarded left, right and centre into common garbage bins.  :palm:

Hypocrisy in its finest!

Just awful. :wtf:

These all in one throwaway units should really have a fairly substantial deposit (5 bucks?) attached to encourage proper disposal.

The rechargeable Li-ion cells in them are a particularly egregious waste. Big Clive has some videos on this and how to reuse them.

U.S. is STILL trying (barely) to figure out PROHIBITION.
  I've seen some advanced thinking folks, who believe in a concept called 'Harm Reduction'.
   You can buy all the alcohol you want., over on aisle #2.


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