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Edible wild mushroom identification book written by AI

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--- Quote ---A genre of AI-generated books on Amazon is scaring foragers and mycologists: cookbooks and identification guides for mushrooms aimed at beginners.

Amazon has an AI-generated books problem that’s been documented by journalists for months. Many of these books are obviously gibberish designed to make money. But experts say that AI-generated foraging books, specifically, could actually kill people if they eat the wrong mushroom because a guidebook written by an AI prompt said it was safe.

The New York Mycological Society (NYMS) warned on social media that the proliferation of AI-generated foraging books could “mean life or death.”
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Amazon selling scam books is nothing new; it has been going on for decades. Many of them actually boast "Quality content by wikipedia articles!"
This kind of "shovelware" became widespread in the 1990s as CD-ROM publishing capacity outstripped marketable content. That era saw the growth of "Freeware" CDs, where the publisher could keep 100% of the profits after manufacturing cost, without paying any author royalties. Linux CD-ROMs eventually became part of that sector.

We all know, most mushrooms are safe.  Unfortunately those that aren't are very bad and are very similar to safe ones.  The liver damage is disastrous. The head of the mycology laboratory (mushroom) at Mayo Clinic (circa 1970 -- 1990's) absolutely refused to eat any wild mushrooms.  You would trust an Amazon/AI identification?  Darwin had a point.

Wonder what could go wrong. :-DD

Yet another new and exciting dumb way to die.


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