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Electric car with solar panels and moss inside

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--- Quote from: dunkemhigh on June 15, 2021, 06:06:51 pm ---
--- Quote --- The panels would "charge" the batteries while the car is moving *only* if the net power generated by the panels exceeds the power needed to make the car move.
--- End quote ---

Pedantically, yes.

Practically, it is providing power that goes somewhere, whether that's to charge the battery or reduce the amount taken from the battery by the motor isn't relevant. It will make the batteries last that little bit longer.

[Edit: paraphrased to be nice]

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It's not being pedantic in the least. It's about what words mean. You exactly said it would charge when on the move. And that's the point people here were missing.

I think everybody was fully aware the panels would provide some energy to the motors while on the move, so this point was obvious. Now as some of us have pointed out, the collected energy from the panels is likely to be pretty small compared to what the car requires to move, and even compared to regenerative breaking as I mentioned. So if you add this to the cost and related issues, it just looks like a pretty bad idea.


--- Quote ---It's not being pedantic in the least.
--- End quote ---

You're quite right. It was being overly pedantic.

A stupid idea stays a stupid idea, it's that simple.
And: Good luck finding a cheap repair/replacement when the idiot in the next parking lot left a permanent impression on you (and your car), probably shattering the cell.

If you live in a city with only street parking, you're going to have much less solar power available due to shadows from the buildings.
If you think it will give you more range while driving in the sun, that's only going to help if the added weight and compromises made to fit the panels resulting in more drag don't let the benefit.
It will reduce range at night.
You'll need to keep it clean too.
An average car only covers about 8m2 of ground area, that 8kw of peak solar irradiation, so maybe 2kw of electricity. Take off the area required for windows, wheels, etc. 1.2kw is generous.


--- Quote ---Take off the area required for windows, wheels, etc.
--- End quote ---

Wheels? On the roof?

Ah, you're from NZ :)


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