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Electric car with solar panels and moss inside

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They claim the panels can produce up to 30km of range per day under ideal conditions.
Without doing the math, my guess is 5-7km, possibly less averaged for a whole year in typical European conditions.

Stray Electron:
  "ideal conditions"?    Do you mean like operating in a complete vacuum so that there's no drag from air resistance, zero gravity, and 24 hours of sunlight each and every day and never any overcast days, no stops and starts and just continues running and at speeds no to exceed 3 MPH in order to minimize internal frictional losses? Oh and probably only on a 20degree down slope.

   I've seen a lot of devices that should work under "ideal" conditions but that don't under any real world conditions.

   I'd need a lot more details before I would buy or invest in anything like that.

They forgot to mention the moss that grows on the tyres during the time it takes to accumulate any useful charge via its solar panels.

6km per day is enough for some people


--- Quote from: grifftech on February 13, 2019, 04:12:16 pm ---6km per day is enough for some people

--- End quote ---
No need for a car then. 6km is below the required daily walking distance.


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