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Electric road in Detroit

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This just showed up in the news.   It does not look economical at this time.

Every new transportation infrastructure scam is practically a train.


--- Quote from: Joebeazelman on December 01, 2023, 08:10:05 pm ---Every new transportation infrastructure scam is practically a train.

--- End quote ---

I'm genuinely curious:
 - How is this electrical induction road + the EVs that can charge off it 'practically a train'? How does this technology have anything at all to do with trains?
 - What qualities of this proof-of-concept demonstration can justify your characterizing it as a 'transportation infrastructure scam'?

That looks like the future. :popcorn:


--- Quote ---Electreon's wireless charging technology is based on inductive coupling between copper coils installed below the road surface and receivers installed on electric vehicles. When a vehicle with a receiver nears the in-road charging segments, the road transfers electricity wirelessly through a magnetic field. This electricity is then transferred as energy to the vehicle's battery. These charging segments can transfer wireless electricity to the receiver either when the vehicle is parked (static charging) or is driving (dynamic charging). The electric road is safe for drivers, pedestrians and wildlife. Each coil in the road is activated only when a vehicle with an approved receiver passes over the coil. This ensures that energy transfer is controlled and provided only to vehicles that require it.
--- End quote ---

I can see this being a thing in the farrr distant future where electricity is near free, but this is dumb to do now.

Also niche use cases where you'd be parked and want to charge without having to go out and plug in a cable (buses, ambulances, etc.). But they clearly aren't mentioning that in the article, they are saying how it can be use to make money  ::)


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