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electronic door lock design flaw

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I wonder how that will stand up in court:

He/she gained unauthorized entry using a magnetic.

It's unauthorized. That's enough - the means isn't important.

It's only important for insurance purposes.

Insurer: You secured your house with locks that can be opened with a cheap magnet from ebay? Sorry, we don't pay claims in this circumstance.

Locks keep honest people honest. That's about all there is to the story.

   In SF Bay area the homeless, mentally ill, I have encountered;  Some equipped with steel toe boots, the boots were used to 'kick' damage an older door.  (Perpetrator apparently kicks right at the lower hinge area, for best damage.). But that's more like a vandalism / rage type of crime.
The 'real', motivated burgaler is likely going to, as stated by Haenk, above, likely carries a crow-bar, for all out attack on door and frame.  Frame then is even better target, than a 'hardened' door.

   For cover, these persons very often have a 'network', able to confront any attempts to pursue actions (identifying / arresting purps).  Very dangerous, as those folks don't feel fear, there.


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