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electronic door lock design flaw

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Oh this channel is a guilty pleasure of mine. I find it hilarious when he opens up a lock in 2 seconds with a twig or a lego astronaut.
But yeah, from what I've seen all these smart locks have very basic backup keys that can be opened by anyone with the right tool.

It is indeed fun to see how he opens all sorts of locks with not to much effort, but this one is to easy. You might just as well leave your door open and have a sign inviting burglars to come in and have their pick  :-DD

I don't understand. If you are in the business and go to the length of designing a new lock, why not even get the most basic things right.

Honestly, I consider all door locks to be novelty items.
It might stop Joe Random from entering your home, but it will not stop any burglar - they will not even try to open the lock. The good old prybar or a screwdriver will do the job most of the time. A tilted window (european style) can be considered "wide open" in 2 seconds (requires some acrobatic skills though). Electric saws are also used at times, especially on larger objects like supermarkets.

My front door is reinforced, drill safe lock and cover plate, the whole door is locking itself into the frame at 20 points or so. Sounds great, but is pointless, since all the other doors around the house probably just require one kick to be opened. Fortunately, theft and intrusion are really rare here, so it's not even a risk to leave your car or bike unlocked.


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